Our mission is to reflect quality and authenticity both in the company’s performances and in our educational work. 
Besides teaching and supporting young talents, our goal is to maintain the values of contemporary dance for the next generation.


Gangaray’s productions require a high level of dance technique and body-awareness, strong stage presence and extremely conscious way of moving. We believe that, by an in-depth study of the body’s capacities, a dancer can become a genuine medium for conveying content.
In our unique choreographies, the performers can rule and form the stage by their precise, articulated movements and by maximizing the use of the space, thus letting our audience perceive endless dimensions.


In the Hungarian contemporary dance scene, our company stands out with delivering high-standard productions. Our goal is to build and develop Gangaray Brand across borders, and popularising it on international cultural festivals, respectively.
Our yearly growing repertoire aims to enchant our audiences with the beauty and
pervasive power of “pure dancing”.


We are looking for sponsors who could contribute to maintaining the necessary conditions in Gangaray Studio, our working environment, in order to be able to continue our flourishing cultural activity on a high-level.
In case you are interested in a partnership,
we are more than happy to get in contact with you!