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Prakriti, the totality of the material that fills the universe, the completeness of the material world, nature in the most comprehensive sense of the word. The eternal primordial matter or source, the energy web of manifested, visible diversity, which appears as nature, the physical world. The latest piece of the ensemble focuses on the energy web of diversity with five exceptionally talented dancers, which József Hámor sets on stage with a high standard and the power of pure dance in a unique quality.


"I wish to place the atmosphere of dashing breeziness into focus, both in motion invention and in terms of music. I intend to create an easy-to-accept, aesthetic, narrative-free dance theatre experience that takes the spectators into new worlds."


József Hámor


Performing Artists:

Boglárka Bali
Krisztina Baumgartner
Enikő Kovács
Tímea Kinga Maday

Music: József Hámor (Ganagaray Experimental Music)
Costume design and production: Tímea Kinga Maday
Assistant to Choreographer: Tímea Kinga Maday
Technician: József Pető
Lighting design: József Hámor
Directed and choreographed by József Hámor

Supported by MMA, National Dance Theatre, Contemporary Dance Foundation


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