The purpose of the performance LUNA is to represent the real and vital instrument, the expressive power of dance, in quality. During the evening, the viewer can gain insight into a physical state where, by playing with the amazing power of gravity, skewing its spaces, and working with different energies, it creates a unit. What is happening inside (us) can never be completely identical to what is happening “outside” - in our activity or actions. Who are we really when we are not the same as our "roles"? Does this self-hypothesis exist in all of us, if it is not really objectifiable, it cannot get an expression? The piece seeks to give this piece an artistic form of this particular duality, the fracture line at the bottom of our existence.

PREMIER: 02. March 2020

National Dance Theater / Budapest Dance Festival


Boglárka Bali 

Enikő Kovács

Krisztina Baumgartner

Kornélia Mangi Nelli

Adrienn Nyeste

Choreographer, director: Tímea Maday Kinga

Costum design: Tímea Maday Kinga

Mentor: József Hámor/GDC/

Music: montazs

Light design: Máté Vajda
Duration: 40 min

Production by  Gangaray Dance Company 

Supporters: For Contemporary Art Foundation,  COTEDA Nonprofit KFT, NKA, Izp, SIN Cultural Center, Inversedance