To become a professional dancer, you need hard work and endless humility
to overcome the challenges of the long and bumpy road ahead.
We are committed to provide our students with the most opportunities possible,
nurturing the faith in their dreams to help them achieve their goals.

With more then 20 years of professional experience in the dance field we can assure the members to receive the highest level of education. Having our company behind our everyday life, dancer will have the privilege to expend their view in how a company works.

Expending our dimension every year we are strongly working on inviting company members from world famous companies whom best interest is similar to our belief.

The uniqueness of Gangaray Youth Ensemble is in it's passion towards dance art as purely as possible. 

Having our Gangaray studio we can offer a secure place for the dancers to create and most of all, to be independent from any circumstances. 

Having 7 years of experience providing this program we know that having a well focused daily work and creation period is very important to fulfill our dancers needs and talents. Concentrating on two main creation of a minimum of 8 weeks and providing intensive workshops will increase the possibility to grow as a professional dancer. This way dancers can strongly dive into the work and deepen their study and research. We believe that having a deep knowledge and a strong base in techniques is the key to fulfill the dream of becoming a real professional.

We invite dancers and dance students ages 18-years and up to spend a season with us at our company’s home in Budapest and take part in our 10month pre-professional Dance Program which begins each September. 

The program offers dance students from across the world, an unparalleled opportunity to engage in some of the best professional and academic dance training.

The primary objective of Gangaray Youth Ensemble is to create a professionally unquestionable national and international standard in contemporary dance. During our development program we give a deep insight into different ways in which choreographers work, giving the opportunity to our dancers to expand their professional skills for their future. The main objective of this program, is to fill in the space between school and the professional work environment.  We prepare our dancers by giving an opportunity to develop professionally their capacity as a dancer in this early career which should necessary include performing skills as well.

Part of the program dancers will have a chance to learn some of the company's awarded choreographies giving them a high professional standards and multiple debut to be able to show themselves in public.

Using the management of foreign and domestic experiences we try to raise our program into an international level training. One of our objective is to increase our work into an institutional system supported by Contemporary Art of Dance Foundation.

Gangaray Youth Ensemble provides

High level of daily technical training with 20 years of professional experience / 5 hours a day / every weekday

Professional company-like structure

  • Customized and personalized mentoring throughout the entire program


Workshops lead by dancers coming from companies such as Akram Khan, Need Company, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Pina Baush, Hofesh Shechter, Nitin Sawhney, Jan Fabre

 2 performance at National Dance Theater's main stage

2 opportunity to create and present your own choreographic work at Bethlen Theater

Collaboration with Deltebre Dansa.

Each season 1-1 dancer of the ensemble will receive an opportunity to participate at Deltebre Dansa and Gangaray Summer

Providing our social media platform to promote each dancer

Certificate of completion at the end of the season

Nationally unique and safe working environment

Free studio use for dancers

An egalitarian atmosphere where dancers, tutors and directors operate on a level playing field

Personal talk evaluations during the season

To support our dancer's future, availability to participate at auditions

Providing personal videos as self promotion

Having an official maintainer by the Foundation of Contemporary Dance Art, we are providing each dancer all the necessary documents for their time being


Gangaray Youth Ensemble Program is perfect for dancers and dance students from across the world who are looking for a top-level pre-professional dance program in order to advance their future career as a professional dancer.  The program provides an excellent stepping stone and platform to advance on a highly-professional caliber with the goal to take you to the next level. 

Participants of the program are either in their gap year between high school and university, currently pursuing a B.A. or B.F.A. degree in dance, in the midst of a dance academy program, have graduated from such a program, or have not studied dance in a secondary education level and are seeking a springboard into a career in dance.  The program also allows dancers to spend the semester studying dance abroad in Budapest which continues to be one of the most emerging eastern european regions in the international contemporary dance scene.  

A significant part of the Dance Program is a project where the program’s participants create original work to be presented towards the end of the semester on the stage. 

Throughout the semester, our professional staff provides you with all the necessary support in this original creation process.

We are extremely proud to announce that our Artistic Program has the privilege to present its work in collaboration with the National Dance Theatre, the highest-standard cultural centre of the Hungarian dance scene from the season 2021/22 onwards.

Our students have the chance to learn from Gangaray Dance Company’s repertoire and show themselves in front of remarkable audiences.


In addition, the participants can perform their personal work at Bethlen Theater in Budapest, mentored by artistic director József Hámor and by the program's founder Tímea Kinga Maday.

Invited teachers for season



The curriculum of the program is heavily focused on contemporary dance along with Gangaray Dance Company's repertoire, but at the same time participants generally warm up with ballet daily and work with teachers, choreographers and company dancers who offer a multitude

of classes and diversity between choreography,

floorwork, improvisation, and much more.


The ensemble of young dancers from the Gangaray Youth Ensemble is also an excellent opportunity for those who want to take part in a professional company after leaving a dance school, led by dancers who have already seen the world, are internationally known and measured. In recent years, foreign and Hungarian masters and choreographers have worked for us who perform outstanding work professionally. We believe that the great interest in the ensemble is also due to the fact that we select our employees based on their professional experience and level, which, on a filter created by the management, focuses exclusively on the power of knowledge. Gangaray Youth Ensemble the cornerstone of the project is the creation of a professionally unquestionable Hungarian and international standard.