To be a professional dancer, it takes a long and bumpy road, hard work and endless humility. We believe that the best solutions come from those most affected. We are committed to providing as many opportunities as possible for everyone to set their goals and believe they are able to make their dreams come true.

The primary objective of Gangaray Artistic Program/ G.A.P. is to create a professionally unquestionable national and international standard in contemporary dance. During our development program we give a deep insight into different ways in which choreographers work, giving the opportunity to our dancers to expand their professional skills for their future. The main objective of this program, is to fill in the space between school and the professional work environment.  We prepare our dancers by giving an opportunity to develop professionally their capacity as a dancer in this early career which should necessary include performing skills as well.

Part of the program we created more choreography per season giving them a high professional standards and multiple debut to be able to show themselves in public.

Using the management of foreign and domestic experiences we try to raise our program into an international level training. One of our objective is to increase our work into an institutional system supported by Contemporary Art of Dance Foundation.

To be a professional dancer, it takes a long and bumpy road, hard work and endless humility. The ensemble of young dancers from the Gangaray Artistic Program is also an excellent opportunity for those who want to take part in a professional company after leaving a dance school, led by dancers who have already seen the world, are internationally known and measured. In recent years, foreign and Hungarian masters and choreographers have worked for us who perform outstanding work professionally. We believe that the great interest in the ensemble is also due to the fact that we select our employees based on their professional experience and level, which, on a filter created by the management, focuses exclusively on the power of knowledge. Gangaray Artistic Program / G.A.P. The cornerstone of the project is the creation of a professionally unquestionable Hungarian and international standard.









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