What kind of previous education do I need to have?
To apply for the program you need to have completed your high school diploma.

What is the minimum age for applying to G.A.P.?
To apply for the program you must be at least 18 years old before 5th of September 2022.

What is the application deadline?

Application deadline: 15th of June 2022.

When will i get an answer?

Every applicants will receive an answer till the 17th of June 2022.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there is a waiting list.

If I am invited to be a member of G.A.P. does Gangaray offer accommodation during the season? 
Gangaray does not have the capacity to offer accommodation during the season.

What do i need to include in to my video audition?

In the video you must include:

· Clearly in english present yourself with a few sentences, followed by your motivation why you would like to study at G.A.P.

· Contemporary technique or improvisation / your choice  – you must include standing and floor material 

If you choose to put a group work into your application video, make sure the management is clearly able to recognize you!

If i'm not able to make the requirement video may I send home video as my audition?

If you are not able to make the video in a studio you can apply with a video made at home.

Please keep in mind our requirements! 

In case I am not accepted, can I get feedback?

Due to organisational reasons it is not possible to give feedback after the auditions.

Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee.

What happens after my confirmation?

The candidates admitted to the course who want to confirm their participation to the program have to sign the contract with the company to accept the rights and duties of the program and have to pay the first installment of the program's season till 1st of July.

If I am admitted, how much time do I have to make a decision?

Once you are admitted you will receive a statement of commitment. You will have one week to make a final decision and return your signed contract to us. Once you have signed the statement and sent the tuition fee, you are registered and expected to attend the program.

What is my tuition covers?

The program is financially self-sustained where the participation fee covers the salary of teachers, their travel and accommodation, studio rental, bills, house keeping, everyday needs for the studio, video and photo documentation and editing fees, costumes, administration and other organisational expenses. 

What is the working language at Gangaray? 

The working language is English. 

Is Gangaray a full-time or part-time program?
G.A.P. is a full-time program. The average time spent in classes and rehearsals is 30 hours per week.

What are the working hours of the program? 

Gangaray Youth Ensemble works every weekday from 09:00 - 16:00. With this time schedule, dancer can make sure to work next to the program. 

How many creation period will dancers have during the season?

The members of the Program will have two creations during the season, where the dancers will learn the repertoires of the company.

Is G.A.P. a private or a state school? Is G.A.P. a university?
Gangaray is a private educational program operated by Gangaray Dance Company. We do not provide any accredited diploma.

When does the season start and end? 
The seasonal year begins on the 5h of September 2022 and finishes on the 30th of June 2023. Exact dates to be confirmed. 

Are dancers allowed to use the studio outside of the program's schedule?

Yes. Whenever the studio is available, dancers can freely schedule for themselves the studio.

How is the daily work look like in G.A.P.?

G.A.P. focuses on mostly in contemporary dance techniques in the frame of Gangaray Dance Company.

Dancers will have an everyday training included two technique classes a day, following either with repertoire workshop, workshop of contemporary dance or creation, body awareness courses such as  soft tissue balancing or How to prevent injury, ect..

Where the performances will take place? 

The Repertoire of Gangaray Dance Company will be shown at the Hungarian National Dance Theatre, the highest-standard cultural centre of the Hungarian dance scene in front of remarkable audiences, next to theater in Hungary. Each season our aim is to widen our possibilities. 

Besides these opportunities, the members’ personal work will be performed at Bethlen Theater in Budapest, mentored by artistic director József Hámor and by the program's founder Tímea Maday Kinga.

How can I find accommodation in Budapest?

Upon acceptance to Gangaray you will be receive via e-mail a list with websites to search for a room or apartment in Budapest. Please note that Budapest is a well visited city and since we have many universities, student housing fills quickly. We advise you to search for a room or house  immediately after you are admitted to Gangaray.


Is there an international tuition fee?
There is no difference in the tuition fee. Students coming from all over the world pay the same tuition.


Is there an official institution behind the company?

Having the Foundation for Contemporary Dance Art and COTEDA Kortárs Nonprofit Közhasznú Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság is strongly secures the payment to be a 100% official. 

Is Gangaray provides any official paper to help my stay in Budapest?

Having the Foundation for Contemporary Dance Art as our maintainer we can provide all the necessary documents you need in order to help with you visa, your living in Budapest and your travel circumstances.

How much are living expenses and accommodation in Budapest?
A room in an apartment with other students costs around €150 to €350. Some students also share a room to divide the costs. Living expenses are comparable with those of bigger European cities.

How easily can I get a job in order to support myself while studying at Gangaray?
Because Gangaray is a full-time study program, and the schedule dancer can find a job after 16.00. Members usually work after G.A.P.' schedule or during the weekend in order to help them cover their expenses.


Can I get support from the state of Hungary?
It is best to try to get scholarships from your own country. We can connect you with current students who may be able to help you find scholarship opportunities in your home country.

If I have been admitted to the program but cannot attend, is it possible to come for the following year?
If you decide not to attend this year you will have to reapply next year.

What happens if the program is effected of corona virus?

Depending on the restriction our program may go online to continue our daily work. Experiencing different states of restriction the program will aim to relate in the best way it can.  

What do I need to do before entering the program?

We would like to ask each member of Gangaray Youth Ensemble to be updated of the restrictions concerning their status as their country.

Due to Covid-19 present circumstances as of today dancers will have to arrive to the country before the program starting day at 10days to spend their quarantine if needed. Dancers might require to show their medical certificate as well. We do not ask our dancers to show their prove of vaccination.


For more information please write to gangarayartisticprogram@gmail.com