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Art Techniques Random Opportunities

1. Arterror

The work is about two people's real encounters, merging and tuning. The creator performers, Tímea Maday (Viktor Fülöp scholarship) and József Hámor played and trained a great role in the movement system. This language offers a wide spectrum of hard, tight and breathable qualities. The end result is expressive and sensitive, but determined and articulated communication between the two performers. The duet was made for Jetherfst in Brussels in October 2010.
2. Ocean's Five
Catathy, dense mass, praying… The reality of five men in a world where one can get a deeper insight. Each dancer has a separate 'sheet music', but they all work with the same combination of movements. Their system creates a calculated rhythm and timing, which allows the performers and spectators to find handrails and tuning points at the beginning of the etude. After all five have reached the maximum point of choreography, the image breaks down and the movement, unison, appears. Tread the space, press the floor, pass through invisible spaces that have become chaos. Chaos has a recurring motif and messages from the 'future'. After that, we get insight into the world of an individual who has not yet been able to get rid of his tiredness. We can see the process of transformation. How a man turns himself into a simple form of exhaustion. Parallel to this picture, the other four dancers are pushed back, repeating a gesture down the floor - as if they were just praying - to continue the power of the piece.
“Apart from human nature, there is no other living entity in possession of the command of the feeling of moving the body to sounds. This rocking command is called rhythm, and the command that governs the intertwining of high and deep tones: harmony. And they create dance together. ”(Plato) -

3. Ocean’s Six+1

In the closing session, József Hámor was inspired by the tight and pulsating dynamic music to create the work. The work is experimenting with a team's harmony, harmony, disarmament, explosiveness, the emergence of female and male domination of individual characters, and strong symbolic movements. In addition to contemporary dance, the other linguistic code of the performance draws on the well-known, meaningful, well-elaborated movements of the Eastern martial arts. Even the use of both, which forms a fine, rustic-authentic, yet intense blend with the movement culture of the Hungarian gypsy scooter and Aikido (Japanese martial arts), plays a prominent role in the performance.




Choreographers: Tímea Maday Kinga, József Hámor
Perfomers: Tímea Maday Kinga, József Hámor, Mariann Hargitai, Jalonen Jenna /  Adrienn Horváth, Gusztáv Eller, Ádám Frigy, Zoltán Katonka, László Mádi, Attila Rónai
Music Composer: József Hámor - Gangaray Dance Music
Costume: Tímea Maday Kinga

Light: Zoltán Katonka

Duration: 50 min

Gangaray Dance Company / Central - Europe Dance Theater production

Supporters:  NKA, Central - Europe Dance Theater